**Response Times

  • Standard Response:Response time will be determined based upon the current workload and schedule. Jobs can be scheduled anywhere from 3-15 days out, depending on the urgency and current schedule.
  • Priority Response:  You will receive priority scheduling over any current ala Carte work that concurrently scheduled.  Most jobs can be scheduled within 1-5 business days depending on current workload.
  • Priority 911 Response:  You will have access to my instant messaging accounts and can contact me in the event that your site goes down, or you need urgent/immediate support. Support will be arranged within 1-12 hours on weekdays, and within 1-24 hours on weekends. Work that is needed to be completed over weekends or evening hours (unless otherwise communicated) is billed at Priority 911 Response rates.


Ala Carte

Non-contract blog maintenance is available at an hourly rate of $50 per hour for priority response and $75 per hour for priority 911 response – with a minimum of 2 hours pre-purchased. With either the ala carte services or a blog maintenance contract – hours do not have to be used all in one session or on one task.

Small tasks will be billed based on the time required to perform them (rounded to the nearest 1/2 hour).  



A minimal number of hours can be rolled over if you do not use all of your allotted hours during a given month.  Here are the rollover limits for each of the maintenance plans:

  • Goldie/Judy Plan:  Maximum of 2 total hours can be rolled over within a given year.
  • Judy/Liza Plan:  Maximum of 1 total hour can be rolled over within a given year.



Heroic Monthly Maintenance Disclaimers

  • Occasionally when new WP versions, themes or plugins come out – the updated code can cause other features on your site to break or require updating. This should be considered part of the overall cost of running a website.  Fixing any such required updates is not included in the monthly maintenance fee.
  • This package offers great basic protection against intrusions and website hacks – you will be much more protected than not having them in place, but no site can ever be 100% hack-proof.   If your site does experience a hack or security breach, we can recommend a service to help get the hack removed.  Any costs associated with fixing a hack or injected code, is not included in the monthly maintenance fee.