Blogger To WordPress Migration


Blogger/ to Hosted WordPress Migration:   $200

Additional Graphic Work:   $50 / hour

Payment Terms:    $75 Up-Front Deposit, with the final payment due upon delivery (payment buttons are below)

Things I need in order to begin the work:  Login details to your hosting account (recommendations below), and your login/access for your blogger/ account

Time to complete:  Everything is usually completed within 2-3 business days once the work commences – contact me asap to schedule a time slot, as my calendar fills quickly.

Hosting Recommendations*:

  • Bluehost – Solid entry level hosting option – If your site gets more than 50,000 Pageviews per month, I would recommend a VPS
  • WP Engine – Great hosting option for mid to high level traffic
  • Liquidweb – Excellent service and support – this is the company I use, and their service and uptime is OUTSTANDING.

Things that will be included and/or to keep in mind:

  • Before the migration begins, you will need to get set up with a webhost – See above for my best recommendations
  • I will do my best to make your WordPress blog look the same or very similar to your Blogger site.  There will be small differences here and there, but overall the general layout once migrated, will be nearly identical.
  • If you are migrating from Blogger, I will install the Blogger Plugin to your WordPress blog, which will format your URLs to be the same as your Blogger URLs, so that traffic is sent to the correct spots.  However, this process is not 100% accurate all the time.   You may still find 404 errors.  I will install the “Redirection” plugin which logs these errors, so that you can set up any redirects for content that is going to an old page.
  • If you are migrating from Wordrpress and have been using a WordPress based URL, you will need to activate the redirect service which currently runs about $14/year.   I recommend leaving that active for at least 1-2 years.
  • The post/image/page import tool is an automated process between Blogger and your new WordPress account.    It usually works quite well, but from time to time there can be stray comments or images or posts that don’t transfer perfectly.   You can easily move those over after the migration, if you find anything like that (this is a rare occurance, but just to be up front).
  • Pictures do not get imported into WordPress – they will all be linked to the source images in your Blogger blog – which means its IMPERATIVE that you keep your blogger blog active – don’t ever delete it, just let it sit.   If you wish to migrate your images over, I will show you how to do that – its a simple setting in your blog, but the process can take a very long time (especially if you have a lot of full size, high resolution images) which is why its not included as part of the migration process.
  • The formatting of your posts may change during the transfer, due to the way different themes handle spacing and formatting.   You are free to reformat the posts after the fact – reformatting the layout of the posts is not part of the migration service.
  • Sidebar widgets or footer widgets that are exclusive to blogger, will not be migrated.   I can show you other plugins to install that will do similar functions.

$75 Initial Deposit:



$125 Final Payment

(if the outstanding balance is more than $125 due to other services rendered – please send the amount due to info @




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