What if that blog of yours could generate enough traffic for you to FINALLY start making REAL money with your blog…

...perhaps quit your "day" job

...stay home with your kids

...finance your next vacation

...or whatever your heart desires?

Hello, it can! And I know, right now you’re thinking “no way,” because it just feels impossible.

Sure, you've put some time into installing an "SEO" plugin, and you try to use a lot of keywords, but SEO can just be so overwhelming and confusing - especially when there is so much fear about what you are NOT supposed to be doing!

Turning your passion into an SEO "cash-in" is just a totally different story.

Most days you’re…

* Sick of the social media hamster wheel. You have a small following which is nice but you feel you’re spending WAY too much time commenting, posting, sharing, (and all the etceteras) for such teeny tiny traffic results. #frustrating

* Wearing wayyyyy too many hats! Writer Hat. Editor Hat. Publicist Hat. Marketing Hat. Social Media Manager Hat. It’s exhausting and let’s be honest - no closet really needs that many hats! You’re super frickin’ capable but right now, you're also spread too damn thin. You know you need to prioritize but where do you start in order to focus your time on what works?

* Curious if anyone is even listening. Sure you have a trickle of traffic from social media and maybe an email list, but are you actually REACHING your audience in an effective, efficient way?

* Doing all the things you’re “supposed to do” but STILL not seeing the growth you want. You write consistently. You post consistently. You even made some pretty graphics for social media. You know you’re doing everything you “should,” but the traffic is just not there.

You wonder…

  • Is my blog more work than it’s worth? Will it ever pay off? Does anyone even care?
  • You’re tired of your blog feeling like a full time job, with measly traffic and without the paycheck at the end of the week.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s all about to change.

I’m here to hand you the keys you need to unlock a traffic geyser so that more people can find your amazing blog, and so that all of this work can finally PAY OFF. (Cha-ching!)

What Does The SEO Kickstart Include?

  • Step by Step, How To Build & Set Up Your Blog

  • WP Tweaks To Make Your Site Beautiful (and Do Some Really Cool Things)

  • How To Write Killer Blog Posts and Content With Viral Potential

  • How To Use Social Media To Build Your Brand & Grow Subscribers

  • How To Network With Other Bloggers & Brands To Grow Your Authority

  • How To Monetize Your Blog (Without Selling Out)

  • Strategies for growing traffic from multiple sources

  • How To Create a Killer Lead Magnet, To Skyrocket Your List Building

Grow Your Blog Traffic Faster, with SEO!

Receive An Action Plan List of Strategies to Put Into Place Today,
The Same Strategies That Take Others YEARS Of Trial and Error To Figure Out.

Fast Track Your Blog’s Search Engine Success With a Network of SEO Partners

You wonder…  Will I ever get enough traffic to make this worthwhile? Will it ever pay off? Does anyone even care?  You’re tired of your blog feeling like a full time job, without the paycheck at the end of the week.  Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s all about to change.  I’m here to hand you the keys you need to unlock an amazing traffic source, so that all of this work can finally PAY OFF. (Cha-ching!)  See, you have quality content to share. You have insights, tips and tricks that people need. All you’re missing is the right gameplan to start getting people to your site.  Because if you're not treating your blog LIKE a business, it’s never going to BE a business.

About Ashley

Ashley is a 10 year veteran of the online marketing world.   She built her first website in 2004 - an ecommerce site in the wedding industry, that generated a million dollars annually, by its 3rd year in operation - with all of its traffic coming entirely from SEO.

From there she expanded her business to growing a network of blogs, building plugins and themes for wordpress, affiliate marketing, and consulting for local businesses.

A self-proclaimed WordPress addict, Ashley is known for her ability to make technology clear and simple to understand. Ashley teaches proven techniques for blogging growth and success - the methods she shares are the same strategies she uses on client websites and her own websites, to generate 7 figure sales.

Ashley is your go to gal when it comes to planning and implementing a marketing strategy to build, grow and make money from your blog.

But enough about me.


I’m here to help you do the same! I’m here to guide you in creating an effective plan for building search traffic to your blog, so that it can be come not only a serious money making machine, but also a launch pad for bigger and better things! Like, say, your own media empire?


Don’t laugh. No giggling. It’s in you! You can totally make it happen!

You CAN turn your blog into a thriving business and rewarding career. But you DO need to know where and when you might need a little help or direction from your friends. (aka me!)


That’s exactly why I created the SEO Kickstart - to help brilliant peeps like you, begin building FREE traffic to your blog, so that it can become an awesome and thriving business!

Whats Included?

  • Customized Keyword Analysis and Target List (Value $69 Value)
  • Customized On-Page SEO Analysis ($99 Value)
  • Customized Competitive Backlink Analysis ($99 Value)
  • Custom Prioritized "Gameplan" for SEO Success ($399 Value)
  • 30 Minute SEO Consultation with Ashley, via Skype ($199 value)

Are You Ready Start Getting Massive Traffic From Google?   Lets Do It Together.

SEO Kickstart

Regular Price: $865 


I believe in this product, and I am confident that you will love it - so I'm taking all the risk in your purchase.

Once you receive your SEO Kickstart report and you work to implement the suggestions within the report...   if you do not see a measurable increase in rankings as a result of those efforts, you have 30 business days to request a refund.

So there is no risk!