If you wake up one day and go to check your website and discover that its not loading – don’t panic!  8 times out of 10, a “down” site is entirely a local issue that is only happening to you.

Things that can cause your site to appear down to you (when your site is loading fine for everyone else) may include:

  • Your internet connection is temporarily down
  • There is a caching issue with your computer
  • There is a caching or configuration issue with your router
  • There is a caching or configuration issue with your ISP
  • You may have an issue with malware or spyware on your local computer

If you discover that your site is down, before you freak out – put your URL into this site – http://whysitedown.com and see what comes up.  There are many sites that offer this sort of remote checking functionality, but if your site is in fact down, this one also lets you know what error it is coming up with, and potentially how you can fix the problem.

I see a ton of posts within Facebook groups asking people to check the site because its coming up down for them, and they want to see if its down for everyone.   In most cases, the problem is a temporary issue for one person, and the site is loading fine for everyone else.   So bookmark this URL to have on hand the next time you get that white screen of death –  and use it as a reference if you think your site is down, rather than waiting on others to post back.

If whysitedown.com confirms that your site is in fact down – THEN its time to take the error code that you get from whysitedown.com and give your webhost a call right away.


Is my website down or is it just me?


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