Your blog bio is like your 10 second elevator pitch to the world, and to your readers.   You’ve got a brief moment to capture them, and give them a window into your soul – and if you do it right – you can hook them as a loyal follower.   Do it wrong, or come off the wrong way, and you’ve just lost a potential prospect, a potential lead and a potential referrer.

I know it can be a drag to write these, but they are so important when it comes to making a connection with your audience, and building trust.

And regardless of what market or industry you are in, people want to feel a connection with someone who they invest their time in.   Humor, and emotion and levity are all things that people connect with – even powerful CEOs or industry leaders.   So don’t feel like you have to write your bio, the same way you’d write your resume!!!

When I read a blog, I want great information, delivered in an entertaining or engaging format.   I would never choose to sit and read resumes all day, so if I get to your bio page and its nothing but just a bunch of stats and you objectively stating all of your credentials – I’m not going to feel compelled to return.

So, I know these can be tough, but fear not!!!

I’ve got a super awesome template to help you out – actually, I had nothing to do with putting it together – I’m just the messenger.   A super smart lady named Alexandra Franzen put together a pretty slick “mad libs” style template, where you can literally just plug in your personal info, and your bio is basically written for you.

How awesome is that?????

Without further ado…   click here for the template and get your bio rockin’!!


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