Report #1 – January 4, 2016


Happy New Year!!
I’ve been working on a lot of updates to Blog Genesis and planning for a lot of great things this year that will help you grow your blog & online businesses.
Part of that includes a revamp of my “newsletter” which has grown a bit stale… So I’m putting my 2016 resolutions into effect!
My goal is to send out an email every Monday with an actionable to-do list of quick & worthwhile things that will help you grow your business.
Since I’ve been in a process of cleaning out, cleaning up and setting goals for the new year…  that is going to be the theme of this week’s list.
Here we go!
1.  Spend some time this week going through your blog and cleaning out the clutter.
  • Got old posts that were scheduled but never written and are sitting in “draft” mode?  Go through and delete or reschedule them.  Post Planner is an awesome blogging tool that can help you schedule out your content and keep you on track with posting.
  • Got 10,000 comments waiting to be approved?   Clean them out and keep a heavy finger on the delete/spam button – if they don’t add value, get rid of em!  If you aren’t using Akismet for managing spam – turn it on (its free!)
  • Go through your existing posts and find those that are not performing well. As in, no one visited them in all of 2015?  Revamp the content and republish, or just get rid of it!  I use the Top 10 plugin (free) for managing which are my best performing posts.
  • Need to update plugins/themes/wordpress?   Do it now, and set a resolution to make this a priority in 2016 – otherwise you’ll likely be needing the services of Sucuri!
2.  Are you still using an RSS newsletter for your blog (or not collecting emails at all)?  If you aren’t, this should be #1 on your to-do list for the new year – its essential to the growth of your business!
For my Quick and Worthy subscribers only, I’m offering my Email Marketing Workshop for only $10. Its about an hour long and talks about WHY you need a proper email capture system and walks through how to set up one.
To get the discounted rate for the workshop – click here and enter coupon code QUICKANDWORTHY on the check out page.
3.  Set some specific goals for what you want to accomplish in 2016. I use Evernote for keeping track of my notes because I can access it anywhere… but even sticky notes near your desk work. Set definitive goals, and then we’ll work on making sure you hit those in the new year.
4.  If you’re up for it, come on over to our Blog Genius Facebook group and post your 2016 goals publicly – that way we can help keep you accountable, share ideas to help you, and then cheer you on as you reach each of your goals!
5. Does your website need a refresh – either in design, or in color scheme, or in refocusing on your target audience?   I just redesigned much of my site and its made me SO much more excited for the work I have planned this year.  This is a great time to update and refresh your design and branding – kind of like shopping for a new wardrobe for a hot new year.  If you need help with this- drop me a line!
Have a worthwhile and productive week!

PS…  if you aren’t part of the Blog Genius Mastermind group yet – click here to join – its totally free!

PPS…  Know other bloggers who could benefit from the Quick & Worthy List?   Share using the links below, or send them to this page to get on the list!
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