Who’s ready to invest in their business and save some BIG BUCKS???

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are not just for the big box stores… website services, training programs and services to support online businesses are coming out of the gate with some pretty major savings for bloggers, website owners, online businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs.

I’ve spent the last week sorting through all of the offers that have come across my desk for products and services that will help bloggers grow their business.   MANY are a total brainer, a bargain, a steal – you’d be crazy not to grab them up.   Some of deals are kind of…  meh, and not worth mentioning.

To save you the time of sorting through them all, I’ve gone through these deals in terms of how HOT HOT HOT they are, so you know which ones to focus your attention on when it comes to investing in products and services that will help you grow your business.


hot-iconhot-iconhot-iconhot-iconhot-icon5 Star Deals for Cyber Monday!


1. Carbonite Computer Backup - 50% off Any Plan

This one is a MUST HAVE.   If you aren’t backing up your computer, you are GOING to regret it someday – trust me on this.   Taking a backup onto a time machine device is great, but if there is a fire or catastrophe at your house and both of your “backups” are in the same spot – you are screwed.   This is an expense that should automatically be figured into the cost of owning a computer.   And at 50% off, its a no brainer – DO IT NOW.  Or you’ll risk losing baby pictures of your children, like I did.   Yes, true story.  Don’t be like me.  I promise, you will never regret having an off-site backup of your data.  Never.  Sorry, this is one that I just don’t sugar coat.


2. Amazon Doorbusters - Save up to 90% off tech goodies for your business

If you aren’t a regular Amazon shopper, I’m sorry for what I’m about to show you.  But Amazon’s lightning deals on Cyber Monday are crazy addicting, and crazy good.  You could spend your whole day scrolling through all the deals.   And yes its good for Christmas shopping and general housewares, but there are also some pretty sweet deals for building your business.  A few things I’ll be checking out…


4.  Blog Genesis Academy – Grow Your Blog Courses 50% Off any package!

Learn how to start, grow and monetize your blog with the Blog Genesis mini courses, and the soon-to-be-re-released (and sold for a much higher price point) Blog Genesis Academy which includes ALL of the courses we offer.

  • Blog Genesis Academy$799 $399 with Coupon Code CYBERMONDAY399 (includes not only Blog Genesis Academy, but all the mini-courses offered below)
  • WordPress Advanced Bootcamp –  $199  $99 with Coupon Code CYBERMONDAY99 – over 100 step by step videos will walk you through how to pick a niche, set up your webhost, install wordpress, make it look gorgeous, master your use of the WordPress platform and begin rocking your blog!
  • Blogging and SEO Webinar$40 $20 with Coupon Code CYBERMONDAY99 – In this hourlong workshop, you’ll learn how to optimize your blog for top rankings on Google and other search engines
  • Email Marketing 101 Webinar – $40 $20 with Coupon Code CYBERMONDAY20 – In this hourlong workshop, you’ll learn how To Build Loyalty and Trust With Your Email Marketing List Through Automated Emails  (and why you need to start building your list ASAP!)


4. Shareist - Save 50% on any paid plan for the lifetime of your account - sign up for the free trial and then upgrade your account by midnight tonight

Seriously folks, this is a STEAL.   Shareist is a social media content scheduling, sharing and recycling platform similar to Meet Edgar, Post Planner, Buffer, etc – but with way more functionality and with this deal – at a MUCH lower price point.   I use Shareist for all of my social media scheduling within my Facebook groups, on Twitter, and they even have Pinterest integration!   Seriously – with the free trial and option to renew at the 50% off pricing – grab this while you can!


5. Optinmonster - Save 35% off any plan with coupon code BF2015

Optinmonster is my favorite tool for capturing email addressses on my website.   I use it for the pop up opt in, a scrolling footer optin, as well as sidebar and “in-content” opt ins (see my video on how I set this up here).  It is SUPER easy to set up, and with the pro plan you get the “exit intent” option which only pops the opt in box when a user goes to leave your page – so you aren’t annoying them with pop ups right when they land on your site, but rather you can offer them a valuable freebie if they decide to leave your site.


6. Get Response PRO - Email Marketing + Landing Page Creator + Webinars for only $49!! (this is brand spanking new, and totally amazing!!)

Eliminate your Leadpages account ($79 per month savings), eliminate your GotoWebinar package ($89+ per month savings), and consolidate it all under your Get Response account for the monthly price of $49!!!   This is one purchase I will be making on Cyber Monday.

7. Groupon - Over 80% off on Doorbusters - some GREAT deals on tech gadgets!

A few of the deals I’ll be looking at:


8.  Cardstore.com – $.69 Flat Holiday Cards – they MAIL THEM FOR YOU, FOR THE PRICE OF A STAMP!!!!!  

This is one of my most anticipated deals of the year, every Cyber Monday.  I have my cards made up, ready and waiting for Cyber Monday when I place the order and save a ton.   I use this service every year for my family Christmas cards, and I also print out cards for my business, to send to colleagues, vendors, merchants, employees and other businesses that I work with – as a way of saying “thank you” for your support and partnership throughout the year.   This is a great way to grow and maintain relationships, and at $1.09 per card – shipped for you (no licking stamps!) – its a no brainer!


9. 17Hats.com Save 65% off a 2 year contract (only $249!!)

I LOVE this app – it makes automating your invoicing and project management a TOTAL Breeze.   It makes it so easy to send out proposals, invoice clients, keep track of projects, customer data, and more.   And if you sign up for a 2 year contract today, you’ll get it for only $249 – which is only $10 a month – thats a savings of over 60% off!!!


10. Leadpages - Get a Kindle Fire + FREE Weekly Q&A Calls With The Lead Pages Team

Leadpages is pretty awesome.   I use it for my email capture landing pages (like this one) as they are super easy to set up, they convert like crazy, and the tracking/split testing options are fantastic.   I also use it for scheduling my landing and sign up pages for webinars.   Its a great package to grow your business (especially for those of you who are growing your list which should be…  ahem… everyone).   The only reason I downgraded it to a 4 star deal is because you need to go with an annual plan in order to get the savings.   But its still a pretty fantastic deal at that price because you’re getting 39-44% off the monthly rate – and I’ve heard their training/Q&A calls are pretty feature rich, so you should learn a ton about how to optimize your usage of Leadpages, and how to more quickly grow your list.


11. iThemes WordPress Toolkit - save 50% off!!! (includes Backup Buddy, iThemes Security Pro, SyncPro sites and more)

This is a bigger investment at around $350, but it includes everything you could just about ever want.  60 plugins, 200 themes, 500 hours of web design training, and 10+ sync pro sites (allowing you to control up to 10 domains from one wordpress dashboard!)


12. Elegant Themes - 25% off an upgrade to a LIFETIME license - $158 for LIFETIME access to All of the Elegant Themes Themes and Plugins

I’m a huge fan of the Divi theme, along with the PageBuilder, Monarch and Bloom plugins.   Those alone are worth WELL over $158, but with this package you get unlimited lifetime access to all 80 of their themes, plus whatever comes out in the future.   Full theme support included.  Its a total no-brainer.


13. Hostgator Web Hosting - 65% Off Hosting Plans (don't go monthly!) + $5.99 .com Domains!

Hostgator is a pretty decent entry level host (better than Godaddy if you’re looking to move up the food chain).  They are offering 65% off hosting plans on Cyber Monday.   The discount is reflected in the 1st term only, so if you choose a monthly plan, you’ll only get the discount for the first month.   So go with a yearly or longer option for the best savings!   Also, the domain name discount is HUGE (I should put it as a 5 fire sale just for that) – if you need to secure some of your branding names, or are thinking of branching out with new site(s) – now is the time to stock up, you can’t beat a $5.99 domain!


14. Living Social - 25% Off Sitewide with Coupon Code CYBER25

Living Social is great for deals on local events, restaurants and entertainment, but did you know they also sell goods that can help grow your business?   Here are a few of the deals I’ll be checking out for Cyber Monday…


15. Udemy Online Courses - Over 1000 Online Courses Priced at $199, offered for only $15

Udemy courses can be great starters for people looking to hone their skills in specific areas from things like becoming a Kindle Author, to starting an ecommerce business, learning photoshop, html, programming and more.


Leave a comment or drop me a line if I left anything out!





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