Comment Redirect Plugin for WordPress – Learn how to instantly and automatically engage with readers who comment on your blog – capture their attention and invite them to join your list, to follow you on social media, and to further join your conversation.

The comment redirect plugin allows you to take users who are leaving a comment on your blog – readers who you’ve managed to successfully engage to the point where they are taking their time to leave a comment and respond to your post – and redirect users to another page where you can invite them to join your list, follow your blog, join a Facebook group, or offer something else.

Ideas for where/how you can redirect them for the best engagement:

  • An optin page where you offer them a great lead magnet/freebie, in exchange for their email address
  • A page where you list a few of your social media properties and you invite them to follow you
  • You can even redirect them directly to your Facebook fanpage or Twitter page
  • Redirect them to another blog post that provides additional information on the topic they were commenting on
  • Redirect them to a Youtube channel to watch additional videos

These are just a few ideas, but the sky is the limit!   The important thing here is that you are taking advantage of a user who is fully engaged, and are inviting them to continue with your conversation.

Leave a comment below if you have any other unique ideas for how to use this plugin!



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