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ashley-proheadshots-16-revI built my first website back in 2004 (the internet was pretty much a baby).   I had no clue what I was doing or how to get traffic to my site, so I started learning how search engine optimization works.  Within a couple of years (and a LOT of sweat and tears), my fledgling website had climbed the ranks of google to spot #3 for an extremely competitive search phrase – and with that, came my first million dollar year.  Things were awesome!   Fast forward a few years and I came to the painful realization that I had put all of my traffic and marketing “eggs” into the SEO basket.  When Google mades some changes to their ranking algorithm, I lost almost all of my rankings – and with it, all of my traffic – and income.

It was a huge and painful lesson to learn, but its how we respond to failures and lessons that determines our success (not whether we have them). After all, if you’ve never experienced failure in your business – you simply haven’t been at it long enough!  

Since then, I’ve diversified my business and become a student of all things digital marketing.  I now focus on businesses that have broad traffic base and broad marketing efforts – so my business is never entirely in the “hands” of another company, or dependent upon a sole source of traffic.

I’ve become an expert at affiliate marketing, web development, WordPress (my fav!), social media marketing, and content marketing (aka Blogging – but doesn’t that sound so much cooler)?

I am always looking for new ways to learn, grow, and my passion is to help my fellow online entrepreneurs succeed.

Building blogs and websites, and growing them into successful businesses has afforded me a freedom and flexibility that I never dreamed would have been possible.   I work from home and I get to be around for my kids – able to attend school functions and sporting games and dance recitals and all of those special moments – moments that I know will be gone all too soon.

This type of business also affords a sense personal achievement in being able to contribute significantly to the financial security of my family.

Of all the lessons learned during this wild ride – the biggest is to not be afraid to put yourself out there, to follow your passions, to be authentic, and to give MORE than you “should”.

When I’m not blogging, growing websites, or working with clients, you can find me chasing my Wimbledon dream on the tennis courts, DIYing some new “project” for my house, or wrangling my 3 little adorable trouble makers away from whatever mischief they are almost always causing.


Is Blog Genesis right for you?

If you are the kind of person who likes to be your own boss and make your own rules (or would like to do that if you had the right opportunity/training/resources), I invite you to check out my 14 Day Blog Income Challenge, if you haven’t already.   You’ll learn how easy it is to start a blog, grow it, and actually make money from a blog.


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